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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We can't forget the new furbabies!
Meet "Babe" and "Dude" the newest little additions to the family!


11/19/06 Gymnastics Home Meet!

It has taken me forever to get a few photos of my daughter Arielle at a competition. Next is state! It's easy to see from her smile why I adore her so much!


New Kirks Folly doll! I can't wait!


Monday, November 06, 2006

More from the sale... a treasured pillow found in Newport, new friends, and fun signs at Seaview.

The "Toe of Frog" bake sale sounds just yummy, doesn't it?

Kelly and little Luna , Pam (our Fairy Coach) and Casdo!

Susan Dorling from Bella Online, Suzanne, and me!

Just look at that Seaview Moon....

It was worth the trip just for this.

Kirks Folly Factory Sale and Seaview Visit, November 2006

Enjoy the photos of the Kirk family home in Rhode Island along with pictures of my fellow Kirks Folly Design consultants from all over the USA. We met and converged upon the factory sale for Kirks Folly and enjoyed the sensory overload, then visited with Jennifer, her family, and her puppies! Click on the photos for a larger view!

Jenniefer and Luna

The KFD girls with their new wands...

Friday, October 20, 2006

Scrapbook Page of the Day

While sorting through the photos on my camera, I found these 3 of my daughter acting silling... she was obviously taking photos of herself! It was the inspiration for a great scrapbook page!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A few new pictures! It's taking me a little time to figure out how to "Blog" but it sure is fun!

The "human" photo is of myself and my daughter, Arielle.

The black and white cat is "Max" for "Max-a-million" - check out the number of toes! He's my constant work companion and snoozes on my desk every day while I do my medical typing.

The dog is Cricket - fancy a black lab who doesn't like baths! I love this picture because he looks so "Alien" !!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Life as a Multi-tasking Mom!

Photos: Max & me, Bear (Bottom) Kate (Top), Sleeping Fairy Ari

Mom, pet owner, medical transcriptionist, novice small business owner, and jewelry fanatic... there aren't enough hours in the day!

I'm a 45-years-young Mom of 2 kids and 2 stepkids. My immediate family also includes 3 beloved cats - Bear, Kate, and Max. I have 2 dogs, a greyhound named Ultra and a black lab who is called Cricket.

My daughter, Arielle, is a gymnast so the fall is spent travelling to competitions. My son Adam is 21 and a college student. I sell Kirks Folly jewelry from home ( and love the fantasy/fairy theme. I have just begun a scrapbooking service in my "SpareTime" ! HAH! I guess that is a play on words, because I really have none. I work full time as a medical transcriptionist for a local hospital system and am fortunate enough to do this from home.

You see, I have a neurologic disease called RSD (reflex sympathetc dystrophy) in which the nerves misfire and send constant pain signals to the brain. It currently is affecting my legs. The good thing is that this syndrome has slowed me down enough to force me to go back to my first love of art, photography, crafting, and a serious addiction to jewelry. I even decorated my air-brace with my cat's paw sticking out of it!

I also get to spend a lot of time with my beloved pets! My husband says they are all weird, and he is right!!